Bootcamp Marketing Secrets

boot camp marketing workoutsIf you want more bootcamp clients, use these 5 boot camp marketing secrets to bring in more paying members and dramatically increase your income.

It makes much more sense to build up your boot camp member number rather than trying to do more personal training. There comes a point in time when you just can’t trade more hours for dollars in the PT world.

So leverage your time by seeing more clients at once with awesome and exciting bootcamp workouts.  Here are 5 simple secrets and steps to increasing your bootcamp fitness income.

5 Boot Camp Marketing Tips

1 – Get others to spread the word

Get people in your camps for free at first, with them promising to get a new paying client each month.

And with client that comes in, make sure to do two things. First, raise your rates so that you don’t need as many clients as a cheap bootcamp would need. It’s better to have 10 clients at $199 per month than 20 clients at $99 per month. Don’t try to be the Wal-mart of the fitness industry.

Higher value clients are more positive and bring fewer hassles to your life.

When you raise your prices, make sure to position yourself as a higher value. Get in the media and mention that in your marketing so that it builds your credibility and stock in your community.

2- Connect with other business owners

You’ll want to work with business owners around your bootcamp location as well as in the area where your clients live (if they aren’t the same area). Pick out the top 5-10 businesses that you know would be an excellent source of referrals for you. Create a lead box where people enter their info in a draw for free bootcamp, and ask the business owner to keep that in their store. Make sure to explain that you’ll be telling your bootcampers about their business too, so it will benefit them.

3 – Build a website and craft an incredible offer

Your bootcamp needs a website, specifically devoted to it and nothing else. It won’t cost you much money – maybe $500 to have a 3-5 page website built. Get nice graphics and have a website designer use “wordpress” to build your site. Have them include a blog section where you can update the content 1-3 times per week.

On your site, give away a free report to collect email addresses so that you can start building relationships with your readers and getting them to tell others about you and your services.

4 – Use Facebook and Youtube (social media) to promote your bootcamp

Start a facebook page, also dedicated to just your bootcamp. Get all your members to join by giving them an incentive – such as a bonus bootcamp workout or free report or video. Then start being a super cool awesome person and share 1 really great tip each day on your site. Ask your members to tell other people about it. Everyone uses facebook these days and it is a great way to get new clients.

5 – Referrals

Once you have happy customers, you need to provide them with both a reason and a script for getting referrals. That’s right, you’ll want to tell them exactly what to say and who to say it to in order to get you referrals.

And with all new customers that come in, work hard to get them paid in full up front. You can do this by offering a 10% discount on a 12 month plan to every client that pays in full. You want to get cash in hand to fund all of your marketing efforts for getting more clients.

Use These Bootcamp Marketing Secrets to Generate Clients

So that’s it, five powerful bootcamp marketing secrets to help you get more personal training clients and bootcamp members.

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