5 Pre-New Year Bootcamp Tips

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bootcamp tipsThere’s still a little time to do a few important things before Christmas and New Year’s to make sure your bootcamps are full, fun, and profitable.

Do these today and you’ll have 25% more campers by mid-January.

Here we go:

#5 Inspire people with your facebook page and fanpage as a place of community/social support.

First, make sure that your personal profile is professional, and that you have anything “non-professional” hidden from public view.

Second, post one inspiring quote first thing in the morning.

Third, build a fan page for your bootcamp where you recognize one camper every day and post a summary of the workout – and videos of the camps as well. Make it fun to be part of your bootcamp fan page.

#4 – Remind your clients in person, by email, or via text message:

“If you fall “off the wagon” cut your losses, don’t worry about it, and get right back on track. Immediately. It’s minor damage that can be dealt with. Stay STRONG!”

This is an essential message that your clients need to hear at this time of year when many of them are panicking about overeating at parties. If you can be that voice of assurance and reason, they’ll love you for it.

#3 – Get your New Year’s Transformation Contests all set up.

Be prepared to take before photos or give a handout to your campers on how to take photos (good lighting, with newspaper, from front, sides, and back, etc.) and how to take measurements (limb and waist circumferences, body fat scales, etc.)

#2 – Create a take-home “holiday workout” program for your campers.

Give them a quickie workout they can do on their own for 10-15 minutes each day so they maintain their fitness during the bootcamp break and so that they don’t feel guilty about skipping workouts over the holidays. Again, being a consistent source of reassurance will give you more authority in their view.

#1 – Design some very cool challenge workouts that will inspire your campers to new levels when they get back.

If you aren’t familiar with the challenge workout set-up or you need some help designing some new and original sessions for the New Year, then don’t worry, because the TT Bootcamps “Done-For-You” workout manual has a bunch of proven workout challenges and 21 complete no-equipment workouts that will take a load of work off of your shoulders. TTBCWOuts2_4

(That way you’ll come back in the New Year well rested and with new, awesome bodyweight bootcamp workouts.)

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Helping you and your clients get more results,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, TT Bootcamps

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