5 Steps to the Best Bootcamp Workouts in Your City

If you want to have the best bootcamp workout classes in your city, then there are a few things you must be doing in order to dominate. Today, you’re going to discover the most important factors for world domination with your boot camp – and all of these are proven by some of the most creative fitness minds in the business.

Step 1 Make Your Boot Camp Stand Out

First, you have to differentiate your bootcamp from all of the other competing bootcamp classes in your neighborhood. Perhaps it is location, equipment, the amount of time of each class (for example, a 30-minute express bootcamp), a program that serves only women, a program that has child care, or even a program that promises the most intense workouts in your city. So study your marketplace and identify the absolute best hook for your bootcamp, and then get out there and tell the word.

Step 2 Network to Grow Your Boot Camp Locally

Second, you need to network with local businesses. And I don’t just mean going in, dropping off a few flyers, and then on to the next one. Instead, pick your top 5 businesses – the ones that you know will send you a massive amount of referrals – and work with these partners, treating them like gold along the way. Remember, they are referring their customers to you – so their reputation is on the line. Create incentives for referring, and you’ll develop a steady stream of new bootcamp members.

Step 3 Bring the Energy to Your Boot Camp

Third, you need to bring more energy than anyone else in your city. You need to be high-energy, motivating, and inspiring at all times. It doesn’t matter how rough your day has been, when it comes time for your bootcamp workout, you have to put on the show. Develop a ritual that allows you to summon the positive mindset, energy, and encouragement needed to provide your bootcamp clients with the best hour of their day – because no matter how good or bad you are, it really will be the best hour of their day (because they aren’t working or stressed out by family). Give it all you’ve got, and your clients will remember the powerful feeling and encouragement that you have provided.

Here’s one of my favorite quotes ever that you should printout and put on your computer, on your car dashboard, and bootcamp workout clipboard:

‎”People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” – Maya Angelou

Powerful, powerful words.

Be the person that brings energy, entertainment, and encouragement to your clients.

Step 4 Bodyweight Exercises

Fourth, you need the best bodyweight exercises to keep your clients entertained and overjoyed with each workout. And I’m only going to talk about bodyweight movements here, because if you have a strong library of no-equipment workouts, you’ll be able to give your clients an amazing workout, anytime – anywhere. So if your equipment gets stolen, or if you don’t have an indoor facility and can only train in a park, your bootcamps will still be the best because of your bodyweight routine expertise.

Step 5 – Create Your Boot Camp Workouts Plan

Finally, fifth, you need to have a plan in place to get your clients on a 12-month commitment, preferably with the cash paid up front so you can finance the marketing and future client attraction of your business. Build up a base of capital that allows you to attract more amazing bootcamp clients. This may sound intimidating, but it really just requires a simple system, and my friend Bedros Keuilian and I discuss it in the TT for Bootcamps Complete Business system.

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3 Jedi-Mind Tricks for Bootcamps

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The Complete Bootcamp Marketing SystemThe other week I was interviewed by another Canadian fitness expert, Rob King, from Newfoundland.

He asked me, “Craig, after helping thousands and thousands of people online, in the gym, and through Men’s Health magazine, what are the 3 biggest motivational jedi mind tricks you can give us?

Ok, maybe he didn’t say “jedi mind tricks”. But that’s what I gave him.

Now these answers are great for your clients, but they also relate to running bootcamps.

Here’s what I told him…

1) Set goals with a deadline & a reward/punishment for your results.

So sit down, look at your calendar, and circle the date that marks when you want to reach your goal. If you do, you get a reward. If you don’t, set a punishment. That will inspire you to action.

Bootcamp Tip:
Not only does that work with your bootcampers (in setting fat loss goals), but also for you in setting business goals.

2) Get social support.

Put yourself in the right environment and hang around other achievers. You can’t soar with eagles if you are hanging around turkeys.

Bootcamp Tip:
This is obvious for your campers…they get more results when training in your camps, so make sure they know it and that they tell everyone they know. Remember to always harness the power of referrals.

Plus, you need to get out to events and network with other bootcamp owners to share your best client-attraction strategies.

3) You must TRULY believe in yourself.

You must stop with the “I’ll give this a try” mindset, and switch to a “I’m going to succeed no matter what” belief. When you get that, you’re golden.

Bootcamp Tip:
We’ve all seen this with our clients…someone who doesn’t believe they can succeed will struggle, while those clients with a positive attitude get more results.

It’s the same for you. And if you need motivational help, one of the best bootcamp experts for this is Steve Hochman.

BONUS TIP) Educate yourself.

Never give up looking for new clues to success. The most successful people in life are often simply the most persistent.

Bootcamp Tip:
Always be showing your clients new nutrition strategies so that they don’t sabotage their fat loss when they are on their own.

And for you…make sure that you are doing everything to learn great new training techniques while at the same time studying simple systems for getting new clients.

To your success,Bootcamp Workouts and Bootcamp Marketing System

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, TT Bootcamps

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3 Bootcamp Tips from the Sketchy Side of Town

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31-Done For You TT Boot Camp WorkoutsJust got back from 2-hour dog walk to the beach where I had a little swim and dog wrestling with Bally the Dog (and yes, we have a beach here in Toronto).

On our walk over, we saw a guy wearing a mesh shirt. Man, I haven’t worn one of those since I was 9. You?

My neighborhood is pretty gritty…there are a disproportionate number of overweight, cigarette smoking people who drive those power scooters everywhere.

Heck, one Saturday at 10am I was almost run over by woman driving her power scooter with one hand while she was eating fried chicken with the other hand. Definitely entertaining.

And every night there’s a trainer who runs a bootcamp in a big park by my place, right beside homeless guys drinking tall boys of beer.

No joke.

The ol’ East Side of Toronto. Good times, I tell ya.

By the way, that trainer is doing okay with her camp…she has about 6-8 women in there, but they don’t seem to be getting results.

Fortunately, she could be doing so much better – in terms of numbers and in getting her clients results if she just used these 3 tips from the “sketchy” side of town…

1) Set SMALLER Goals

This advice is the exact opposite of what most people do when setting their goals.

Everyone is told to dream big and set HUGE goals…but that might be wrong.

In the book I’m reading, “Bringing Out the Best in People“, human behavior experts actually recommend setting small, easy-to-reach goals so that your clients succeed, and therefore you can offer them positive reinforcement.

This positive reinforcement keeps motivation high and keeps them doing  what you want them to do.

On the other hand, when people set massive goals, such as losing 30 pounds in a month, they fail and that failure is negative reinforcement, and it causes  them to quit.

So each workout, set a small, achievable goal for each camper, and when they achieve it, give positive reinforcement.

That way they will continue with the correct behavior. So simple, so effective.

(You can totally use this on your spouses too…but use it for good, not evil!)

2) Build a Better Bootcamp with this Workout

Instead of her old-school crunches and aerobics-style moves, she should be using my no-equipment needed Bodyweight Cardio circuit.

Check this out…one of my best bodyweight workouts yet…AND it is filmed in the same park as that trainer’s bootcamp.

=> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qXxpWOow3s

Let me know what you think.

3) Now for a tip on getting MORE clients…

…this one from Steve Hochman:

She could use the “human billboard marketing system.”

She would get 21 people who get her bootcamp for free, BUT in exchange they sign a contract that they will agree to refer one paying client per month.

Interesting, huh?

If you take 21 human billboards and they get you just ONE client per month, that is 21 times $199.00 per month in income (presuming she charges $199 per month for the bootcamp).

Boom! Automatic $4k per month. It’s that simple.

And each month you get another $4k in new clients as the human billboards continue to refer you new clients (as agreed upon in their contract). Cool! And it doesn’t require you to sell, sell, sell.

Steve and I are dedicated to helping you live the life of your dreams while helping dozens – if not hundreds – of clients to lose fat in your bootcamps.

Talk to you soon,Bootcamp Workouts and Bootcamp Marketing Tips

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, TT Bootcamps

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Bootcamp Marketing Secrets

boot camp marketing workoutsIf you want more bootcamp clients, use these 5 boot camp marketing secrets to bring in more paying members and dramatically increase your income.

It makes much more sense to build up your boot camp member number rather than trying to do more personal training. There comes a point in time when you just can’t trade more hours for dollars in the PT world.

So leverage your time by seeing more clients at once with awesome and exciting bootcamp workouts.  Here are 5 simple secrets and steps to increasing your bootcamp fitness income.

5 Boot Camp Marketing Tips

1 – Get others to spread the word

Get people in your camps for free at first, with them promising to get a new paying client each month.

And with client that comes in, make sure to do two things. First, raise your rates so that you don’t need as many clients as a cheap bootcamp would need. It’s better to have 10 clients at $199 per month than 20 clients at $99 per month. Don’t try to be the Wal-mart of the fitness industry.

Higher value clients are more positive and bring fewer hassles to your life.

When you raise your prices, make sure to position yourself as a higher value. Get in the media and mention that in your marketing so that it builds your credibility and stock in your community.

2- Connect with other business owners

You’ll want to work with business owners around your bootcamp location as well as in the area where your clients live (if they aren’t the same area). Pick out the top 5-10 businesses that you know would be an excellent source of referrals for you. Create a lead box where people enter their info in a draw for free bootcamp, and ask the business owner to keep that in their store. Make sure to explain that you’ll be telling your bootcampers about their business too, so it will benefit them.

3 – Build a website and craft an incredible offer

Your bootcamp needs a website, specifically devoted to it and nothing else. It won’t cost you much money – maybe $500 to have a 3-5 page website built. Get nice graphics and have a website designer use “wordpress” to build your site. Have them include a blog section where you can update the content 1-3 times per week.

On your site, give away a free report to collect email addresses so that you can start building relationships with your readers and getting them to tell others about you and your services.

4 – Use Facebook and Youtube (social media) to promote your bootcamp

Start a facebook page, also dedicated to just your bootcamp. Get all your members to join by giving them an incentive – such as a bonus bootcamp workout or free report or video. Then start being a super cool awesome person and share 1 really great tip each day on your site. Ask your members to tell other people about it. Everyone uses facebook these days and it is a great way to get new clients.

5 – Referrals

Once you have happy customers, you need to provide them with both a reason and a script for getting referrals. That’s right, you’ll want to tell them exactly what to say and who to say it to in order to get you referrals.

And with all new customers that come in, work hard to get them paid in full up front. You can do this by offering a 10% discount on a 12 month plan to every client that pays in full. You want to get cash in hand to fund all of your marketing efforts for getting more clients.

Use These Bootcamp Marketing Secrets to Generate Clients

So that’s it, five powerful bootcamp marketing secrets to help you get more personal training clients and bootcamp members.

Get Boot Camp Workouts here

21 Bootcamp Lessons for Personal Trainers

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21 Bootcamp lessons For Personal TrainersThe first time I did a group training bootcamp was back in 2001 or 2002…and not surprisingly, I’ve gotten a lot better over the years. Today, I want to celebrate my 35th birthday by giving you 21 tips to help you have the greatest bootcamps ever…so here we go:

#1 – You have to bring the ENERGY.

#2 – Watch your client’s form like a hawk.

#3 – Give your clients structured workouts. Not just random workouts where you jump from one exercise to another without a plan.

#4 – Create an amazing social support group.

#5 – Follow up with your campers during the day and week by email, Facebook, or text message.bootcamp marketing tips

#6 – Get all clients to pay in advance to AVOID billing hassles and uncomfortable situations.

#7 – Incorporate a transformation contest into your camps to maximize their results and participation.

#8Recognize and reward your campers as much as possible.

#9 – Just say NO to any type of long, slow cardio (including a jogging warm-up) in your bootcamp. People don’t want to pay $20 for Jusy Say NO to Cardiosomething they hate and can do on their own.

#10 - Specialize. Be the “best bootcamp for moms”, the “toughest bootcamp in town”, the “Beginner Bootcamp Boss”, or something that sets you apart from all other bootcamps in town.

#11 - Give all bootcampers a nutrition BONUS.

#12 - Never stop learning and improving your bootcamps.

#13 - Run your bootcamps like a business, NOT a hobby. Get serious!

#14 - Be a role model. Show up on time. Be prepared. Lead by example.

#15 - Ignore the temptation to rely on “gadgets” and “gimmicks” in your bootcamps. If you can’t create an amazing bootcamp with only bodyweight exercises, you need to work on your skills.

#16 - Find a permanent location, preferably indoors. This avoids all the hassles of training outside (i.e. bad weather, humidity, etc.)

#17 – Train safe. Yes, you need to push folks, but you also have to remember that they have jobs and families that are more important than being able to do crazy exercises. And again, watch their form like a hawk.Train Safe

#18 – Run a holistic bootcamp. Don’t just bring them in, crush them with a tough workout, and send them on their way. Show your clients how to eat right, reduce their stress, and avoid injury. Make their entire life better.

#19 - Inspire your clients to change their lifestyle. Bring the energy and be the best role model you can  be.

#20 - Never, ever, ever give up. This goes for you when you’re first getting started building your bootcamps…or when another big bootcamp company comes to town to compete with you…and it’s also a message you need to remind your campers everyday, that no matter how tough things are, YOU and your bootcamp are always there for them as social support. Stay strong!

#21 – Learn from other bootcamp experts – such as Steve Hochman, Leanne Ellington, Bedros Keuilian, and Chris McCombs on how to create the world’s best bootcamp and get more clients. Just one of those workouts will PAY BACK your investment 10x’s, I guarantee it. Plus, you’re only investing $2 per workout…less than the amount you probably spend at Starbucks or on your cellphone bill each day.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my bootcamp life lessons.

TT - 31 Done For You Bootcamp Workouts

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, TTBootcamps Workouts

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Bootcamp Marketing to Do Everyday

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Bootcamp Marketing to Do EverydayOne of my Turbulence Training assistants has been slowly and steadily building a bootcamp business from scratch.

And I’m very proud of her.

She did this after being laid off from her job…and she wasn’t even a trainer.

But she got certified.

Started a camp in her basement.

And just keeps going and going and going.

She’s like the Energizer Bunny.

And everyday she’s doing ONE THING to move her business ahead.

So you need to do that too.

That could mean:

  • Sending a press release
  • Faxing a potential business partner
  • Emailing a TV reporter
  • Submitting an article to a magazine
  • Writing an article for ezinearticles.com
  • Talking to a joint venture partner or local business
  • Setting up a referral program
  • Recruiting human billboards
  • Etc.

So simply make that ONE THING a daily priority.

Commit to this rule:

Your day isn’t done until you’ve promoted your bootcamp and you, somehow, someway.

Every day you do one thing to move your business along.

It doesn’t matter how tired you are from teaching bootcamps all day, just promise me, you won’t “clock out” until you’ve done ONE THING to move your business along.

Personally, each day I have an excel spreadsheet of tasks that I must check off before it is “play time”.

This includes, posting to 4 blogs, submitting an article to a specific website, contacting a potential affiliate, contacting a potential business partner, reviewing my website statistics, and sending an email to someone thanking them for all their efforts.

It doesn’t matter if I’m at home or on the road, I get this done – EVERY DAY.

Heck, I even did all of these things while I was in Miami this weekend for the SuperBowl.

I never stop. Can’t stop. Because you know the competition isn’t taking any time off. Not in this industry.

And not in your city either, where a new bootcamp pops up everyday, right?

But don’t worry.

Be consistent, and you’ll rise to the top.

Keep the ball rolling, and soon you’ll have a bootcamp business as big as you want it to be.

Stay strong,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, TTBootcamp Workouts

PS – And don’t worry about your bootcamp workouts…

…I’ve got you covered.TT Bootcamp Workouts

Click here to get the TT Bootcamp workouts you can use anytime:

=> http://www.TTBootcamps.com

Let me take care of your workouts while you take care of getting more people into your bootcamps.

How to Get Your YouTube Videos Watched More Often

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How to Get Your YouTube Videos Watched More OftenBefore I give you these tips, I want to say that I have NO IDEA whether or not these tips will increase SALES on your website. All I know is that they will help increase the number the views that each of your videos get on YouTube.

1. Put more action and less teaching in your videos.
2. Add “hard rock” tracks (essentially making your workout clip a music video.

You can get royalty free music at www.freeplaymusic.com – and there are some decent riffs on there.

Here are more tips from Andrew Locke, one of the Internet’s top video experts and owner of the Internet TV Show, www.HelpMyBusiness.com.

1. Keep the video to less than 60 seconds.
2. Make the first 10 seconds as INTERESTING as possible.
3. Use an attention grabbing headline
4. Create a video that is not a blatant ad
5. Make it cute, funny, shocking or controversial
6. Provide compelling content. Be original, not boring.
7. Tell your list to go and watch it!
8. Embed the video on your site and blog
9. Tell your affiliates to embed the video on their sites and blogs

And make sure to use your city and fitness keywords in the title. You should be able to dominate youtube and even Google search with video.TT Bootcamp Workouts

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Creator, www.TTBootcamps.com

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How to Use Holidays to Promote Your Bootcamp

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bootcamp marketingOne thing you always need to be doing is finding ways to call attention to your business and products.

It’s a busy marketing world, and you need to be creative in order to find a reason why your prospects should choose you over your competitors.

Fortunately, the calendar provides us DOZENS of opportunities each year to hold special promotions for our prospects and customers.

Really, there is a never any reason to miss an opportunity to promote your bootcamp. All you need to do is to create your own fame with any traditional holiday, as well as special events related to your industry.

Here’s a list of all the major holidays, plus additional times of the year when you can ADD MORE VALUE to your bootcamp to create a higher-value experience, or use as a good reason why to contact new prospects or past customers and get them back into your camps.

1) New Year’s Resolutions/“Fitness Season” 3-day promotions

Okay, doing a promo for New Year’s goes without saying since we are in the fitness industry, but I’m still surprised how few promotions I see at this time. People are “red hot” for fitness at this time of year, and you need to do everything you can to stand out among the hundreds of fitness choices consumers have at this time.

In particular, combining your New Year’s promotion with a Transformation Contest kick-off is the smartest thing you can do – so use a 21-day Rapid Fat Loss plan to get folks into your camp and hooked on your workouts.

If you currently don’t have a transformation contest running, then take an hour and write out the rules, pick the prizes, and get people involved. I’m kicking myself for not doing these sooner!

2) Every Monday

While on the topic of New Year’s resolutions, I just wanted to add that contacting your prospect list or Facebook fanpage or running an ad in your local paper on Monday’s will often give you the best results in terms of sales.


Because every Monday is like a mini-New Year’s Day, where readers return from the weekend vowing to eat better and exercise. Therefore, they flock to fitness programs to get started.

3) The SuperBowl

Why not create a fun week of pre-Superbowl promotions, focusing on Superbowl Challenge workouts, a nutrition day where you give away healthy recipes for the big day, and workouts where you divide your campers into teams – named of course for the two teams in the Superbowl.

There are so many ways you can tie into the game – even for a women’s only camp – that will get folks talking about your bootcamp.

And that’s what you should be trying to accomplish everyday…Tying your business in with current events is an easy way to keep your communications with your readers fresh, interesting, welcome, and effective.

And it’s not hard – all of your communications with your list should be like having a conversation with a friend. Did you happen to have at least 1 conversation with a friend about the Superbowl? Sure, even if you talked about how much you dislike the “big day” and all the overeating, you could have simply made your promotion about that.

4) Valentine’s Day

With a surname like Ballantyne, I’d be a fool not to do some type of Valentine’s Day promo. Heck, even Ryan Lee used my name in his Valentine’s Day promotion. Yet aside from Ryan and myself, everyone can still use the biggest, sappiest holiday of the year to promote their bootcamp.

My friend and Online SuperProfits Mastermind Member, Rommel Acda, runs an ANTI-Valentine’s day bootcamp at his gym for all of the single women…and they love it.

Now tell me, you don’t think you could get some amazing PR if you did something like that? It would be awesome…and probably one of the most intense workouts ever!

5) Spring Break

Everyone wants to lose fat for Spring Break, so you could in fact start mentioning this in your materials as early as January 1st. Fortunately, Spring Break week occurs at different times for different areas of the country, as well as different levels of school, so you can get a lot of mileage out of these types of promos.

Find out when the kids of all of your campers celebrate Spring Break and then start a countdown to Spring Break Transformation Contest.

Or you could run a special Spring Break bootcamp for high-schoolers during their week off to make some extra cash for your very own Spring Break getaway.

Those are just 5 killer ways to promote your bootcamp while tying into holidays and water cooler talk…but I’ve got another 10 ways for you to plan to take advantage of other holidays – coming soon!

To your success,TTbootcamp workouts

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, TT Bootcamps

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5 C’s For Your Bootcamp Success

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bootcamp successHappy New Year!!!

Wishing you an amazing 2010…and it will be, I promise, because Bootcamps are still on the way up. Their stock is rising, and as a
result, so is yours.

Today I want to talk about the “5 C’s” that are keys to your success in 2010

(NOTE: I actually sent these tips out to the folks on my “how to make money on the internet” email list, but they apply just as well to anyone who wants to boost their income with bootcamps.)

#1 – Continuity

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting, or if you have 100 campers per month – you need to structure your business to include an offer for continuity.

You don’t need a membership site or forum.

It could be some type of supplement (i.e. lots of trainers are doing well with ProGrade supplements).

Even if you just add 5 people per month at $20, that will be an automatic $1200 per month by the end of 2010.

Also, and this goes without saying, but you must have your campers on EFT on a monthly basis…no more taking checks or taking 2 weeks off your bootcamps every 6 weeks.

Get started now.

#2 – Confidence/Charisma

Some days I think the only factor separating the most successful from the struggling is simply their confidence.

If a dog can smell fear, I think a prospect can smell a lack of confidence…so you must take a really good long hard look at what image you are conveying to your campers.

Are you confident or insecure?

If you’re the former, you’ll be successful. If the latter, you’re going to continue to struggle.

#3 – Character

You must be exciting, entertaining and fun. You need to be a character. You nee to set yourself apart. You need to talk about things that no one else in your market is talking about.

You need to create a cult of personality around you. Combine character with confidence and its game over for your competition.

#4 – Celebrity

There are more ways to use celebrity than to just hire an actor, so think creatively.

Can you create celebrities among your campers?

Can you be a celebrity?

Can you connect your product to a celebrity?

Can you be “anti-celebrity”? (I.e. anti-celebrity diets?)

Anyone can be a celebrity, and you have to use it in your marketing.

#5 – Clients

Once you have a client, you now have someone who trusts you and is willing to take your recommendations to heart.

So when you’ve solved one of their problems, start solving the rest of them – either by offering more services or referring them to other experts.

Be their top source to solve all of their problems.

Put the 5-C’s into your business and 2010 will be the year you “CRUSH IT”.

To your success,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – That’s a lot to think about right?

So let me add in a 6th “C”…

Craig’s workouts.

Take all the frustration and time out of workout planning by using my done-for-you TT Bootcamp workouts here:bootcamp workouts

=> http://www.ttbootcamp.com/order.shtml

Plus, you’ll get lots of client-attraction marketing secrets from the 6-figure bootcamp champ himself, Steve Hochman.

Have an amazing 2010!!!

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5 Pre-New Year Bootcamp Tips

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bootcamp tipsThere’s still a little time to do a few important things before Christmas and New Year’s to make sure your bootcamps are full, fun, and profitable.

Do these today and you’ll have 25% more campers by mid-January.

Here we go:

#5 Inspire people with your facebook page and fanpage as a place of community/social support.

First, make sure that your personal profile is professional, and that you have anything “non-professional” hidden from public view.

Second, post one inspiring quote first thing in the morning.

Third, build a fan page for your bootcamp where you recognize one camper every day and post a summary of the workout – and videos of the camps as well. Make it fun to be part of your bootcamp fan page.

#4 – Remind your clients in person, by email, or via text message:

“If you fall “off the wagon” cut your losses, don’t worry about it, and get right back on track. Immediately. It’s minor damage that can be dealt with. Stay STRONG!”

This is an essential message that your clients need to hear at this time of year when many of them are panicking about overeating at parties. If you can be that voice of assurance and reason, they’ll love you for it.

#3 – Get your New Year’s Transformation Contests all set up.

Be prepared to take before photos or give a handout to your campers on how to take photos (good lighting, with newspaper, from front, sides, and back, etc.) and how to take measurements (limb and waist circumferences, body fat scales, etc.)

#2 – Create a take-home “holiday workout” program for your campers.

Give them a quickie workout they can do on their own for 10-15 minutes each day so they maintain their fitness during the bootcamp break and so that they don’t feel guilty about skipping workouts over the holidays. Again, being a consistent source of reassurance will give you more authority in their view.

#1 – Design some very cool challenge workouts that will inspire your campers to new levels when they get back.

If you aren’t familiar with the challenge workout set-up or you need some help designing some new and original sessions for the New Year, then don’t worry, because the TT Bootcamps “Done-For-You” workout manual has a bunch of proven workout challenges and 21 complete no-equipment workouts that will take a load of work off of your shoulders. TTBCWOuts2_4

(That way you’ll come back in the New Year well rested and with new, awesome bodyweight bootcamp workouts.)

=> Click here to get the Done-For-You TT Bootcamp Workout Challenges

Helping you and your clients get more results,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, TT Bootcamps

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