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This is where the hundreds of hours I spent in research labs and libraries comes back to help you get more results in your bootcamp workouts.Bodyweight exercises boot camp marketing workouts

From my experiences performing and reviewing scientific studies, I’ve discovered a lot of cool stuff, but the best thing is taking a look at pre-treatment and post-treatment data. It’s just really cool to be able to say that subject X increased performance in test Y and the only variable that changed was Z. And you can do that in your bootcamp classes to help your clients get more results – and build more credibility for yourself.

It’s all about cause and effect. That’s one of the most powerful “laws” on the planet, just a few steps below compound interest. Unfortunately, the majority of people – and trainers – walk around in a daze without ever paying proper respect to Cause and Effect. They eat crap, get fat, and never connect the two. Or they sit in front of a computer for 12 hours per day, constantly clicking a mouse with their right hand, and then wonder why they have a pain in the neck, never connecting the two.

However, the person who looks for cause and effect in everything in the world will be rewarded with life-changing insights. And when it comes to training our clients, or even putting together our own workouts, the more we know about variable X causing change Y, the more we will set ourselves apart from the competition.

In fact, you can start your own “Bootcamp Exercise Research Lab” at home, with just a small investment of your time and a few good ideas. You can leverage your results into future programs or products, literally using yourself – and your clients – as guinea pigs and use the data in your boot camp marketing campaigns.

Let me show you how. Here’s a step-by-step set of instructions I gave to one of my personal business coaching clients. We’re building a fitness info product brand based on her advanced workouts. She has tons of great ideas, but I told her it would be even more effective if we had DATA to share with her readers. So here’s what she’s going to do:

Step 1 – Order a Bodybugg calorie counter.

Step 2 – Do short 5, 10, 15, 20 minute workout “challenges” and measure how many calories can be burned in a short amount of time. You can do some of the workouts yourself, or have your clients use the Bodybugg as well.

Step 3 – This will make for great blog articles, youtube videos, and future programs (taking the best workouts and putting them in a bootcamp workout manual).

Step 4 – Use your clients as guinea pigs…let some of your most fit clients wear the Bodybugg and put them through tough workouts.

Step 5 – Essentially, we want to leverage all the workouts that you are doing and your clients are doing so that we can create a large volume of content. Every single workout that YOU and your clients do should have the purpose of giving us DATA.

Take a bootcamp group exercise class through this…(assuming they see you 3 times per week and you have 15 women in the camp)

Workout 1 – Test max pushups early in workout

Workouts 2 & 3 – Put 5 women through “Pushup Power Program #1″, 5 into “PPP #2″, and 5 into “PPP #3″.

The Pushup Power Programs are up to you…maybe group 1 would simply do 3 sets of max pushups with 60 seconds rest between each, while group 2 would do 5 sets of 50% max pushups with 30 seconds rest between each, and group 3 would do version 1 in workout 2 and version 2 in workout 3.

Workout 4 (after 2 days off for weekend) – Retest max pushups

Now you’ll take the best results and write about them in the free report. You could also talk about other exercises in the workout that will help (ie. make sure to do stickups in your warmup, and then narrow grip TRX rows as well…whatever).

b) Try and figure out the same type of “research lab experiment” for pullups….obviously this will be much harder because few women can do pullups…maybe you have some male buddies at the gym that could try this out…maybe even guys in the MM? Leverage your contacts.

BOTTOM LINE: Put this into play starting next Monday. This will be an AWESOME learning experience for you.

That’s how you “wow” your bootcamp workout clients and build the insider knowledge to take your personal training business to the next level.

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